Our work

Here’s a cross section of the work we do.


Sector: Aged and community care

Client: Nextt Health

Project: ACAR (Aged Care Approvals Round) submissions.  Demographic profiling including special needs studies covering CALD, FSD, ATSI, HOM, LGBTI fully aligned to ACAR planning regions. 


Sector: Legal services

Client: Ferrier & Co

Project: Client Experience Program including Net Promoter Score

Sector: Health

Client: The Eye Health Centre

Project: Evaluation of revolutionary new procedure, customer journey mapping


Sector: Financial Services

Client: CondonTreasure Advisory Group

Project: Net Promoter Score (NPS) program

Sector: FMCG/Health food

Client: Lively Linseed

Project: Consumer attitudes and perceptions of linseed breakfast products. Awareness of health benefits of linseed.

Sector: Technology

Client: goAct

Project: Explore and identify target segments for new software for use in the healthcare market. Concept testing in sub-market.

Sector: Human Services

Client: Relationships Australia

Project: User experience/usability testing, demographic profiling


Sector: Environmental Services

Client: Pacific Environment

Project: Marketing Due Diligence. Understanding cultural differences between merging companies.