Who we are

Ferrets is an independent market research agency.  We provide the insights our clients need about their customers, employees or their market, to inform and drive decision-making. 

Our Story

Ferrets was founded in 2011 by Angelique Post who brings over 15 years experience in B2C and B2B market research, as well as sales and marketing experience with large multi-nationals.  Angelique's vast experience in market research spans a wide range of industries.  She is known for her commonsense approach and attention to detail.  Her business acumen and marketing background is a huge advantage to clients, allowing her to understand the research in the wider business context and what it means to bottom-line objectives.

Our Mission

Our mission underpins every project we undertake; to deliver quality information about the market, customers or employees that empowers our clients to make successful business decisions.

Our Values

Here at Ferrets we live the values of honesty, open communication, integrity and continuous improvement.  Our commitment to these values has allowed us to become known as a trusted advisor in the delivery of market research solutions to our clients.




Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on being pleasurable and easy to deal with, we look for solutions that will suit our clients' needs and we are very serious about providing accuracy and value to our clients.  This means we often go beyond the brief.  We look to build long-term mutually enjoyable relationships with our clients.

Continuous Improvement

We invest heavily in our professional development to continually enhance our skills and expertise. This ensures we consistently deliver research excellence to our clients. We are a member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society and are bound by the Code of Professional Conduct.                 

About The Ferret 

Ferrets are busy, in fact a group of ferrets is called a busyness or a business!  In the very beginning we wanted a brand name that would represent our true nature, something that would instantly portray the energy, enthusiasm, creativity, determination and the little bit of fun and humor we bring to our work.  

Ferrets are used as hunters and diggers.  The word itself is used to describe an "assiduous search for something".  We knew it was a little risky in the corporate world, but we are also courageous, so we did it anyway and it seems our clients love it as much as we do!